Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Washi Eggs for Easter

My daughter's grandparents (on Dad's side) were stationed in Okinawa, Japan for sometime and when her grandmother came back, she brought over the most beautiful handblown Washi Eggs. So I decided to make a few of my own for Easter :) I used this set of directions I found online. They were the most detailed. I posted some of my own pics so you could see action shots versus illustrations. But for all measurements and instructions I suggest to refer to the PDF. So let's get crackin'...hah get it...eggs...ok...

Washi eggs are traditionally made out of real eggshells. But I wanted something that would withstand my 3 year old. Plus, I just don't have that sort of time to blow out eggs and let them dry and all that jazz. So I opted for the slacker way and used woooden eggs from Michael's. They were about 79 cents a piece, plus you have the option of picking up smaller or larger goose eggs.

For the wooden Washi Eggs you'll need the following which can all be found @ Michael's or your local craft store:

-Wooden eggs
-Origami paper
-Mod Podge
-sponge applicator/standard brushes
-measuring tape

First measure your egg so you know what size to cut your origami paper. The PDF says to halve the second measurement. I didn't, I left all measurements as measured and it worked out fine for me. Matter of preference I suppose. Cut and mark your paper according to the nicely drawn PDF illustration.

This is what your paper should look like opened up.

Put a generous amout of Mod Podge on the egg and paper. Gently wrap the paper around the egg, making sure there is enough to cover both the top and bottom.

Paste down the "fenced" edges making sure to overlap the previous strip.

Continue all around top and bottom until egg
is covered and viola! Washi Eggs in time for Easter!


Ville said...

Hello there. I Googled 3 O'Clock walk, because my friends and I have an inside joke about it. I was wondering why you happened to pick that name?
Just wondering. Like your blog!!

3 o'clock walk said...

Well my boyfriend and I met at work, but we work in separate departments so my favorite time of day is our 3 o'clock break when, if the weather is nice, we'll usually take a walk around the office building :)

Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoy it!

cuteseas said...

oh wow! these are lovely! great job :)

love said...

these are so cute. i actually saw something similar on another blog and i was thinking this is such a cute idea!!

urban craft said...

Very great tutorial. I just picked up some mod podge and now have something to use it for. Thanks!

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