Monday, August 31, 2009

Livingstone Antiques

This past month I visited the FMIL in her quaint little town of Huntingdon, PA. I begged the fiance to come with me to the "shopping district" so I could check out the second hand shops. I knew that I would find something great in a town with such charm. This is how I stumbled upon Livingstone Antiques. It is off of Washington St., in Huntingdon, PA and we almost didn't go in. The store was on the 2nd floor of the building and we weren't sure if we wanted to go up. Luckily the shop owner was smart and left all sorts of goodies, like vintage handkerchiefs, on the stairs to entice us in.

I was so happy I decided to go up. The place was huge! And it was full of great lovely, antiques, and vintage finds. Her store was full of stuff, I wonder how the poor woman keeps track of it all. She had a lovely vintage hat section showcasing hats from the 20's and on. Jewelry, clothes, housewares, sewing notions...literally anything you could think of.

The best part of the store was a room of the store that was converted into a castle for the kiddies to play in and keep them occupied and away from all the antiques, which I thought was a great idea. She often does plays and other productions within the space as well. She also offers upholstery services for antique furniture.

The place was amazing and I plan to make it a ritual to bring something back from her store every time we go up to visit the in-laws.

Here a few things I took home: A set of pink floral aluminum trays, some vintage spools and buttons, vintage handkerchiefs, and 2 brooches.

Livingstone Antiques
700 Washington St.
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crafty Crush: Craft & Creativity

I have a craft crush! When the fiance and I buy a house...I want it to look like this. Everything is amazing! From the outside sitting area, the little girl's rooms, her studio, the! I especially love the library and the children's bookcase. View her Flickr and come drool with me.

Not only is her house amazing but so is her craftiness. Be sure to check out her adorable plushies! Swooon!

1. Spring inspired shelfs, 2. New craft studio - WIP, 3. Elin´s room, 4. New library, 5. Bookcase for childrens books, 6. Annie's new room, 7. More of Annie's room, 8. Annie's new room

Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Best Places to Grow Up

Mount Trashmore
Originally uploaded by 3oclockwalk
Guess what city was listed on US News' list of 10 Best Places to Grow Up via Yahoo?! None other than our very own Virginia Beach! WOOT WOOT! I guess my daughter is all set ;)

Read more here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy, perfect, tea dresses!

Now my wedding isn't until next year, but I have so many little details in my head planned its ridiculously and I really just need to get them out of my head so what better place to put them but here ;) For instance one detail I am sure of, is that for the wedding rehearsal I wanna spring for a lovely Tea Dress at Sohomode on Etsy. They are happy and girly and perfect! I would never spend that much on a dress normally, but for my wedding rehearsal I think a lavish dress is in order so I'll be okay throwing the rules out the window for once. So please Sohomode, please don't stop making your adorable dresses come this time next year, thanks!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Balloons!

Here is the freebie as promised. Feel free to use the Hot Air Balloons for tags, cupcake toppers, stickers...the possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

Download a large sheet and small sheet of balloons. (For personal use only, thnx!)

Nooks & Crannies: My Kitchen Hutch

A little peek into a little nook of my house...


Keiko lynn is just as pretty as her name and she is hosting a wonderful giveaway for MariesVintage on Etsy. $50 credit to their Etsy store on loads of yummy vintage wares. Also, stop by to help out Keiko's kitty :( Good luck! I'll be entering too ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby shower handmade gifts

My sister's baby shower was this past Sunday, so I can finally share with you the things I've been making! First off, I made her a nursing coverlette, complete with pacifier clip. Ironcially, she requested a coverlette from me after I had already decided to make one, so I guess I know my sister well. It was a really easy tutorial to follow and it came out great.

I also made a few small things in the same coordinating IKEA Fabler fabric: some baby booties, soft blocks, burp cloth, and bunting to be hung in the nursery. The baby booties were a bit confusing at first and I had to rip out a few seams a couple of times, but in the end I figured it out and I think they are adorable.

For the soft blocks I added little cat toys inside from the Dollar Tree, so they jingle when baby plays with them :)

The burp cloth was simple enough with a pattern I drew myself. I used a terry cloth towel from the Dollar Tree on one side and the Fabler fabric on the other.

The bestie and I did a marathon of favor assembling the night before. We did hand dipped pretzel rods in chocolate and assorted candy toppings. They came out yummy! I hand stamped the favor tags and we packaged them away. I'll post more on the actual shower with pics later on in the week! So come back, oh and come back for that freebie too!

Tutorials Used:
Nursing Coverlette
Pacifier Clip
Baby Booties
Soft Blocks

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding: Apples to Apples

Can you guess what our theme for the wedding is?! Granny Smith Apples! I got the idea one day when we were talking about how old ladyish my name is. And that my lastname will eventually become Smith, so one day I may very well be Granny Agnes Smith :P Plus, I've always had a thing for apples and chartreuse so it all just worked out in the end. I cleaned out my local Dollar Tree of all their plastic apples. You can also order them in bulk by calling their distributing warehouse which is conveniently located in Chesapeake, VA.

This is my final color palette. Which I just noticed are the same colors as our current bedroom. I guess I just really love those colors :)

Also, we met with our Pastor today so it looks like our date will be in mid-August June of next year. I don't want to post the actual date until we have booked the reception area as well. I am really excited about one prospective reception site, but I'll have to keep that a secret too until we book it (I don't want to jinx it).

In other event planning news, my big sister's baby shower is this weekend! The bestie and I will be doing a bake fest this weekend since I am making the favors by hand. So be sure to check back for pics of how the event went, pics of how my handmade baby gifts turned out, and maybe a surprise freebie for you readers? Stay tuned yall!