Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I recently got news that my big sis is having a girl! Yaye! That means, 1) Carmie will have a girl cousin to play with, and 2) I can finally start crafting some sweet baby girl things for the little niece. I've been saving a list of different things I want to make for her. I bought a few fat quarters of fabric that I'm excited about. Unfortunately, my projects will have to be behind the scenes as I do want to keep the gifts a surprise. But once they are received I'll be sure to post pics! Congrats Ryan & Angel!

P.S. thats my sis and her bump. I stole it from her FB. hah! Sorry!


cuteseas said...

aww congrats on the new addition!

Angel said...

And the belly just keeps getting bigger. :)

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