Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bday wishin' and beach cruisin'

My birthday is next month and I figured out what I really want. I think top on my list is a Beach Cruiser. I've lived in a beach town all my life and I don't know why I haven't gotten one sooner. I'm picturing the little one and I riding our bikes along the boardwalk on breezy summer afternoons. My only requirements for the bike are:

1. A vanilla colored bike with a matching seat. (The black seats don't scream "beachy" enough for me.) I was contemplating a pink or teal one, but I think they are too flashy for my taste.

2. The cruiser should have the sweet fender thingies over the wheels. AND...

3. The ability to accessorize it with basket!

I plan on testing some out @ the local bike shops, but for now I'll have to browse online shops for beauties like this one.

Isn't she pretty? This bike was made for me. I mean c'mon its called the Bella Fashionista?! Thats Twilight and Fashion all wrapped up in a beach cruiser :P haha...I'm a nerd I know...If anyone knows of any good local bike shops...lemme know ;)


kelly said...

go to the one right by kempsriver.

i got my beach cruiser at walmart and it's a pretty teal blue. <3

18ninety4 said...
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