Friday, August 5, 2011

Currently Obsessing Over: TOMS Petal Grosgrain Classics

I want these TOMS mainly because they look like ballerina shoes :) They are actually wedding bridesmaids shoes...either way they are dainty and cute.

Bake Sale Recap!

The Baking Betties Bake Sale was a success! Here's what I've learned:
  • If you're hosting a bake sale in July, buttercream icing is your friend. It doesn't melt as does normal store bought icing. We luckily only had one batch of cupcakes donated that were made of regular icing and the oozed and melted a few hours into the bake sale. Buttercream icing is really easy to make, just some butter, lots of confectioner's sugar and a splash of milk.
  • A canopy is a must. Had we have been under direct sunlight, I know our baked goods, not to mention ourselves, wouldn't have lasted very long.
  • A flea market is a good place to hold a bake sale as far as foot traffic. But, most patrons were in the mindset of bargains and didn't want to pay much for a bag of brownies. So we ended having to slash a lot of our prices. The price list guideline suggest $3 for cupcakes and such which is realistic but our bargain shoppers weren't biting so we made some changes.
  • Buy lots and lots of ice! We had containers filled with ice, we then laid tin foil on top, and then placed the baked goods atop the foil to keep the goodies nice and cold while preventing them from getting wet too. We also bought an inflatable buffet and filled it with ice. You can find them online or at Party City if you have one.
  • Aluminum baking pans are really inexpensive and sit easily in ice without getting soggy.
  • Microsoft Office has great templates I encourage everyone to utilize. They had great raffle ticket templates that were customizable and were much cheaper than buying the actual rolls of tickets.
  • For packaging we used plastic baggies labeled with the GABS stickers, plus some red, white, and blue curling ribbon. We bought white lunch paper bags for customers to carry off their goods in. For people who bought individual cupcakes we bought paper bowls and just wrapped them in tin foil for them.
We were blessed to have a local craft and sew studio donate a lovely retro apron, which fit with our Baking Betties Team theme.

It was hot and a lot of work with only a 4 person team but I think we did a great job!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking a bit odd...

You may see the blog looking a bit different for the next few days or weeks...depending on how long it takes me to be satisfied with a new layout. I'm trying a few things out so if things look wonky or out of place, do not worry...tis only temporary. Thanks for bearing with me during these "costume" changes!