Friday, March 19, 2010

Go with the flow...

We're shooting our engagement photos next weekend. So I have been desperately seeking outfits to wear. I've probably been driving my photographer nuts with all my scatter brain ideas for the shoot. And out of all the ideas I've come across I still don't know exactly what we're gonna do or what we're gonna wear. I guess I'll just have to leave it up to the professional.

I had this vision of wearing a light, airy, flowy dress. And I have yet to find the perfect one that isn't more than I want to pay. I stumbled across these two Etsy shops and I wish I had found them sooner, seeing how one is located in Taiwan and says shipping can take anywhere between 7-30 days :P

Spunshop makes these wonderful Mexican style embroidered dresses, which I thought was odd since they are in Taiwan...I digress...I love the hand embroidery on the light fabric. They'd be pretty with some cute boots or woven sandals. It just looks so comfortable and effortless. Which is always a good thing here when with how humid it can get.

Then on the totally opposite spectrum. I found these lovely flowy tulle dresses that are dreamy on bustle. Either way they won't be here in time for the shoot. So I am still left empty handed. Le sigh...

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