Friday, March 12, 2010

Wedding: Let them eat cake!

Found my baker! The hunt for wedding cake is finally over. We shopped around at a few places until finally booking Chef DeLong at Gourmet Bake Shoppe. While doing my research her name kept popping up with glowing reviews about her cakes. Its no surprise I guess since Chef DeLong has been in the cake business for 17 years and it truly shows in her execution. I had high expectations for my wedding cake design. I blame my bestie who is pretty skilled with a piping bag herself. In high school we worked at a local ice cream shop, so we've got some cake decorating skills under our belt.

On my search I either came across bakeries that were too high priced or the skill level just wasn't there. Chef DeLong offered both. She was more than happy to help us cut costs while still providing the sugar flowers I wanted for half the cost that I was quoted at other bakeries. I love Sugar Plum Bakery (another local favorite) but they weren't even offering sugar flowers. Another place wanted waaay too much for them, since the artist herself couldn't do them and had to outsource the task to someone else. Which I feel if you are in a cake business that should def be something in your repertoire.

Chef DeLong was such a sweet lady, her portfolio is amazing, and the cake was delicious. She has her very own design studio which I thought was quite professional. I'm happy with my choice. I can feel at ease knowing my cake will look and taste amazing on the big day.

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