Monday, January 4, 2010

Wedding: My Photographer

Alo! I wanted to share some vendor info. Our photographer for the wedding, Chris Bautista, is a good friend of mine. I'm pretty sure I've known him since I was in middle school. You may have already seen some of his work via the 757 links in the sidebar of this little blog. It was pretty much a no-brainer to whom I wanted to shoot our wedding. His style is something you can't teach, which wasn't since he is basically self-taught when it comes to photography. Some people just have an eye for photography and others just have an expensive camera and call themselves photographers (not anyone in particular...jus sayin'). I love his use of lighting and the photo-journalistic style he does his weddings in. I'm so happy he's agreed to do our wedding. We'll also be doing engagement photos at some point. So keep an eye out! or bautistaphotos on flickr for more examples of Chris' work :)

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