Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding: My Wedding Band

I love my wedding band. I want to wear it now. My mother escorted us to her jeweler, a local business that has been in the area for years, Rinehart Bros. Jewelry. I heard enough horror stories about mall jewelry stores to even attempt looking there, and after my issues with my engagement ring, it was an easy decision to listen to my mother's advice. My sister got her wedding ring from there too; might as well continue the tradition. Their storefront is kind of a hidden gem in its self hidden in the middle of Janaf shopping center. You wouldn't know it was there if it weren't for their amazing word-of-mouth reputation. My mom first ended up going there upon a recommendation from a coworker and she has been going there ever since.

All I knew about my ring is that I wanted a vintage/antique design. Rinehart was very accommodating to helping me find my dream ring. They didn't have the style in store but I was able to pick it out of their catalog. I received it in no time at all, it was in about a week later and it looks just as it did in the book. I was very happy to find my ring and at the price we were shooting for. Not to mention they were able to fix the bend in my engagement ring at no charge at all! You should go visit the store and pet their cuddly office/store dog for me :)

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