Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding: The fiance's band

Cocobolo Wood Flared

Buffalo Horn Ring

I love my fiance, our styles and aesthetic our very much the same and that makes me happy. We've known for quite sometime now what he was going to get for his wedding band. I found it perusing wonderful of course. Its very unique and out of the ordinary so I knew he'd dig it. The ring is made by the husband and wife duo at MinterandRichterDes. I swear, the fiance was more particular about his band than I was about mine. We ended up getting a custom ring made for him and they were so helpful and accommodating to making sure everything was to his liking. He basically got a combination of the Buffalo Horn and Cocobolo rings. His ring will be in the style of the Buffalo Horn but with the rich, red Cocobolo Wood inlay instead. And come to think of it, our wedding rings really reflect us and our wedding style. My ring represents the vintage, his the rustic. A perfect match.

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