Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello Snotface!

So I heard on the radio the other day that one of my favorite movies growing up will be remade. Drop Dead Fred starring Phoebe Cates and Rik Mayall will be remade by Universal Studios! UK's dirtiest looking comedian Russell Brand will star as Lizzie's (Cates) imaginary friend, Fred (Mayall). I don't know how I feel about this bc sometimes Brand is annoying and I can only take him in small doses. That and because remakes usually suck hard so seeing a classic favorite like Drop Dead Fred remade sorta has me on the fence. I'm not going to lie, growing up I was a bit afraid of the movie because some parts are of the dark humor area and were quite frightening as a little girl. The same thing went for Beetle Juice, either way Drop Dead Fred is a nostalgic movie for me and I am happy to see it being brought to the attention of younger audiences who may not have heard of the movie. But, I am still quite afraid they might butcher it to death : (



Tina Marie said...

OMG! My sisters and I loved this movie growing up! I'm not too sure about a remake, and I feel the same way about that russell brand guy....I don't know...I will have to wait and see!

Raven said...

I wasn't a bit fan of "Drop Dead Fred" for some reason...mabie because I so loved Rik Mayal in "The Young Ones" and never wanted to think of him as an actor who might need to take other jobs for money. haha

Anyway, I'd watch the new version with Russell Brand. He does get a bit annoying...but, then again, Mayal was the 'annoying' one on "The Young Ones" Brand suits the role in "Drop Dead Fred" perfectly.


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