Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My new best friend!

I love dollar bins. No matter what store. I love little trinkets and small things that make me smile all for under $5. The best dollar bins are at my fave store, Target. But I think it might have a competitor now that Michael's started having a dollar section.

I found this Creativity Log the other day for $3. Its exactly what I've been looking for. I always come up with things I want to sew or make in the middle of work, while I'm making dinner, or any other inopportune time. And I always end up writing down my ideas on little pieces of paper, and then I end up losing said pieces of paper. Now all my ideas can be nicely organized in one notebook within one of three sections: Ideas, Sketches, and Quotes.

The Ideas section has designated spots for each idea, the next steps needed to get the idea off the ground and even a nice little check box for whether its actually completed. Which is perfect for me since I always seem to get real excited about others projects before I have even completed projects I'm currently working on.

The Sketches section has ample room for your imagination...

And the Quotations section is perfect for those crazy sayings my 3 year old says. For she told me that I was "the best mommy in the sea." :) I mean how many mommies can say that about themselves?

I like lists and this is better than a plain old notebook. I suggest you head to Michael's and get one for yourself. You'll thank me later. They also have Food Logs, for those of you who may be watching what you eat, as well as Finance Logs, for those of you who are trying to be savvy with your money. Enjoy.


Tina Marie said...

Thanks for this! I'm going to go get 5 of each!

Angel said...

Oh I have discovered said bin and it is wonderful!

Linda said...

Um, did you say food log?! That's exactly what I was looking for lately. I just started tracking my calories in attempt to shed some pounds and am currently jotting everything down in a regular notebook.

Thanks for sharing the great find!

katrina said...

That is awesome!! I'm going to have to check out the Michael's nearby to see if they have any of these.

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