Friday, May 8, 2009

Shirt Upcycle!

I'm really starting to pick up momentum with sewing again and that makes me happy. I have finished sewing one of my baby projects for my sister. I just have to do some finishing touches and I'll be able to cross one baby project off my to-do list.

But I will have to leave ya hanging for just a bit until after I actually give them to my sister and the baby-to-be. But don't fret. I did finish this small patch-up job for the boyfriend. He has a horrible tendency of ripping holes in the elbow area of his work button ups. I blame his boney elbows and the fact that he rolls his sleeves up. That or American Eagle is really slacking on their material. So instead of throwing the overly priced button ups out...we decided to alter them a bit.

HAZAA! Once useless long sleeved button ups. Now...perfect for the warm weather, short sleeved button ups! I begged him to let me add corduroy elbow patches instead. Alas he refused. Hah! Take care everyone ;)

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Tina Marie said...

That's pretty awesome! What a great girlfriend you are! I have been trying to dabble in the sewing world recently, but havn't gotten too far with my skills...I will have to keep trying!

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