Thursday, April 15, 2010

Currently Obsessing Over: L of L Kiss Lock Wallet

The Liberty of London prints @ my favorite place Target def scream Spring. I really want this Lock Kiss Wallet. The pattern is coated cotton which means I can just wipe it clean. I lug a lot of stuff around in my wallet. Right now my current wallet is actually a clutch I bought from NY&Co. awhile back. So its sorta silly, I have a clutch within my huge 8lbs purse, a purse within a purse really. I like the added Kiss Lock section of the wallet...more for me to stuff up my wallet with ;) Sadly, most Libery of London stuff has gone quickly. I can only find the blue print in stores and not the poppy pink as pictured. I wanted a L of L teapot also, but those too were sold out within days both in stores and online. The search continues for poppy pink...

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