Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding: Personalized Stamps

I highly recommend personalized stamps for an easy "wow" factor when it comes to sending out wedding save the dates or invites. You're going to be spending money on postage anyway, why not it be customized to your liking? Apparently a lot of my guests really enjoyed the stamps, which is always satisfying. It is really not a difficult process and they come out great!

There are two online sources I'd recommend. I used, we've ordered stuff from there before so I knew I could count on their customer service and business. is another online outlet that provides personalized stamps, I've heard good things about them too. Of course the USPS store offers them as well, but I could never get their site to work so sadly USPS didn't make the cut. Each time I tried to upload an image on USPS's site it would just freeze and do nothing after several attempts. So alas I went with Zazzle.

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