Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding: Invite Secret Formula Revealed

Thank God for the genius that came up with this. Even though the graphic artist probably intended for it to be a joke, I will probably seriously refer to this when it comes down to sending out invites. So watch out people!
I don't remember where I got this from so if you do...lemme know. Thanks!


Nicole said...

This is so clever! I haven't seen this posted anywhere else yet; thank you for introducing me to it. Would have been helpful during my own wedding planning :)

Bumpkin Bears said...

This is a great idea, what fun to have found your blog. I've enjoyed reading back through your posts. Good luck with the planning. Catherine x

3 o'clock walk said...

Thnx! Bumpkin Bears your prints are adorable!

kawaii crafter said...

How cute is this diagram. That's always one of the hardest things about weddings, deciding who to invite.

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