Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding: Hampton Roads Reception Sites

I want to share a few things. First the place for our reception! We are having a rustic barn reception at Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach, VA. I was ecstatic when we came across this place. I was starting to get worried because it seemed like there weren't a lot of charming places in Hampton Roads to hold receptions. Kyle and I agreed we didn't want a banquet hall. They just weren't us. We wanted something with character and I definitely wanted something with an outdoor feel since Virginia Beach's fickle weather ultimately ruled out an outdoor reception for us.

Secondly, I wanted to share my findings with you. I know a lot of people who are also getting married soon so I figured I'd share my hard work. There seemed to be a lot of sites and info for NoVa weddings but not so much for Hampton Roads. So I hope this helps!

Keep in mind I don't have your typical hotel halls listed because those are pretty easy to search for. These places were unique in either the place or price ;)

Listings without links are Officer's Clubs. I hear this is a great option price wise if you have military in your family.
Reception Sites


love said...

i was going to post a list of places around our area and areas near us but my blog is so dusty i'm glad you did =P

3 o'clock walk said...

Your blog told me it misses you :P

Maya said...

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