Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick will love it!

I hope everyone had a festive St. Patrick's Day yesterday.

Carmie and I got a little craftin' and learnin' done. First we sat down and learned a quick history of St. Patrick's Day and all the fun stuff associatedwith it like Leprechauns and Rainbows with Pots of Gold. I also tried to explain to her that she is part Irish. She gave me the most hilarious look of disbelief, like I had just shifted her entire world! A kind of "What do you meean Mom?!" look. You would've thought that she just found out she was adopted. It was priceless. She always knew she was half-Filipino, but I guess understanding that she is part Irish too, is too much for her little head to understand.

So once the initial shock passed we started to make her very own rainbow complete with a pot of gold.My tot hasn't quite mastered scissors yet, so this is a perfect craft. She can't cut well but man does she love her glue stick! Although, she does have a tendency to firmly and angrily apply the glue :P

-Using a paper cutter I simply cut a few strips of multi-colored construction paper.
-Then I had Carmie paste the strips one on top of the other to another sheet of paper.
-Then I simply cut out the arc for the rainbow, a cloud, as well as a pot of gold shape. I let Carmie cut out her gold ;)
-Have your tot paste the shapes in their respectable places, and for the fun part, have them paste cotton balls on the cloud to make them extra fluffy.

And there you have it a fool-proof St. Patty's Rainbow.

Carmen Rambling of the Day:
(Carmen watching me make Pretzel Salad for my office's St. Patty's Potluck)
"Oh Mommie, St. Patrick will love it!"


love said...

thats too cute agnes, i should try that with my nephew. its lovelyn, i'm blog stalking you=P

3 o'clock walk said...

hehe thats okay i like blog stalkers :P

cuteseas said...

lol this is adorable

Angel said...

That totally made me laugh out loud! Maybe it's a bit too early to get into lineage just yet except for the obvious. I definitely like the Carmen ramblings of the day.

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