Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wedding: 3rd Times a Charm

So last wedding post I left you with was about a dress outing to All the Rage at Hilltop. But I have been a bad lil blogger and have not updated you on such important events as PURCHASING A DRESS! WEE! I knew I'd be buying a dress there because it was a perfect mix of both my experience at Pure English and David's Bridal. It wasn't overly priced as Pure English, but I felt more like a valued customer than at David's Bridal. I felt like a bride but not a stuffy couture bride, bc thats not me in spirit or in what I'm willing to spend. The sales ladies are very helpful, but they let you breathe and let you pick out what you want to see, while still being helpful and picking things that you might not think of trying on.

I think I was also set on buying on this trip because I was just tired of searching. You'd think searching for something like your bridal gown would be something you wouldn't get tired of. But it is a tiring process. The search, the trying on, the coordinating everyone else's schedules. I just wanted to be done with it and check another thing off my list.

At first I was having second thoughts about my dress. Mainly bc I wasted my "this is it" dress feeling on a Paloma Blanca dress not in my budget (pictured right). But after much thought I realized that I am happy with the dress I purchased. It fit all the criteria of style, fit, and price. As mentioned before, I won't be posting my actual dress bc my fiance is a very supportive fiance and visits my blog every now and again. But I will tell you what my criteria was and that it is a Maggie Sottero dress. Also, I'll post some of the other contenders that didn't quite make the cut.

Cap sleeves or key hole back
A-line, sheath or trumpet shape
Light-weight for my summer barn wedding.
Vintage feel
No satin

some Pure English Dresses:

a bit too simple for me...

not quite digging the asymmetrical sleeves...

I liked the gathering detail at the waist, but the all over lace
was a bit heavy and looked a bit matronly in person.

some David's Bridal Dresses:

I loved how this dress looked on me and it would've been perfect
for a barn wedding but I wasn't willing to pay $500 for a short dress...
it makes me look like i have a teeny waist :)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the dresses I tried on at All the Rage. As I said I was kind of tired of the dress search and I think my MOH was too, so we didn't even remember to take pics until we came to the dress I ended up purchasing. But I had an overall great experience at ATR. I felt their service, selection, and prices made it an overall good buying experience.

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Aylee Bits said...

Love the short dress too. But like you, I won't be able to justify spending $500 on a short dress especially that my own bridal gown is $234! Can't wait to see the dress you chose!

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