Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Sigghh...its the end of the year and I have neglected you my poor little blog for way too long. But alas I shall manage to post a few things for this month before the year is over and a new wonderful/hectic/exciting year awaits. Let's recap:

Fall...brought lots of pumpkin guts thanks to our Hunt Club visit. Pumpkin guts then led to lots of...Winter...pumpkin choc. chip cookies used as gifts and such for family & friends. Sadly, I do not have a pic of said cookies, but they are yummy. Not too much pumpkin taste...just right. I had to tweak the above recipe a bit since I used fresh pumpkin guts versus canned. It wasn't as thick as when made with canned pumpkin puree so I added flour, which didn't effect the taste or texture either. Along with lots of other holiday treats, goodies, and decorations as pictured below :) Hope you had a great holiday!

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