Friday, October 23, 2009

Handmade Nation Premiere @ the NARO

FYI! Tomorrow is the premiere for the indie documentary Handmade Nation, being shown right here at our own NARO Cinema in Norfolk. The film describes and follows the diy/craft movement happening across the nation.

Some fellow ladies from the 7 Cities Crafters will also be there before the premiere selling their wares in promotion of the movement itself. Awareness for handmade! Woo!

So go check it out. The Trunk Show is open to the public from 3-5pm and the screening of the film is immediately after @ 5:15 pm. Admission is $6. Hope you all can make it.


melinda said...

Oh man! I'm so sad I was out of town for this. How did it go? Sounds amazing!

Flip Flop Bride said...

Wish I was in the area more often.

BTW - Award for you on my blog!

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