Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Starbucks: the obsession continues

I have another reason to love Starbucks. And coffee. And my city. Behold my newest purchase from Starbucks. A one of a kind, Va Beach locally made coffee tumbler! Featuring the lovely city I was born and raised in and have come to love.

I picked this up at none other than the Starbucks at Town Center in Va Beach. It features images of King Neptune @ 31st on the beach and the Tower @ Town Center...which I like best bc I live right across the street from it :) One of the barista's there took the pictures and designed the tumbler himself. He explained it was part of a employee promotion that the company was doing. Apparently there are other cities that feature their own coffee tumblers too.

It was the only one on display that day and I'm glad I snatched it up bc the lady behind me was also very impressed that "Bobby" (I think that's his name, forgive me if its not buddy) made it and that they were very limited in quantity. I also needed a new tumbler since my other one recently went out of commission and decided it wanted to start leaking on me the other day in the office. I have high hopes that this one will last me much longer :P

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